Outline of the event

August 11th (Sun) , 2019 「Shinyoko Football Park」
Futsal teams from over 20 countries in Africa
General Incorporated Association Africa 4.0 Foundation
「AFEC」(Africa Forum Executive committee)
House of Representatives African Parliamentary Chairman Ichiro Aisawa


Shinyoko Football Park

Shin Yokohama Park(Nissan Stadium)
Designated manager Yokohama-shi physical education association, management JV consortium
3300, Kozukuecho Yokohama Shi Kohoku Ku, 222-0036
Tel:045-477-5000 Fax:045-477-5002

Shinyoko Football Park
Shinyoko Football Park


President of AFEC Mandoumou Guy-Perol

President of AFEC Mandoumou Guy-Perol

From Côte d'Ivoire
International Accounting Consultant
Mazars Japan Corporation・Manager
Africa 4.0 Foundation Director

AFEC(Africa Forum Executive committee)

Since it’s establishment and as part of its mission, AFEC has never stopped to engage itself in activities that would link Africa to Japan. In the past 2 years AFEC has been involve in festival, business seminar, radio talk show etc. It was then just a question of time before the structure engage itself in a sports activity.
In fact which better, if sports to use to gather people, countries and cultures.

With the 7th edition of the TICAD being held this year in Yokohama-Japan, the AFEC team believed it was the right timing to organize the first edition of its AFEC Cup, a futsal or mini soccer tournament that should gather mainly amateur African and Japanese teams in one day tournament format.

The AFEC team believes that with values shared by sports such as tolerance, acceptance and unity, it will definitely reach its goal which is to bring Japanese population and African population all together.