Africa 4.0 Foundation is an organization that from infinities possibilities from various perspectives such as business, humanitarian aid, enlightenment, entertainment, ICT, and creates the next generation of Africa. 


Africa 1.0 (Colonial Rule Age)

…This is the age when the Western countries dominate Africa colonized. Africa was recognized as a slave and resource.

Africa 2.0 (Post-Colonial Period)

…This is the age when the colonial era is over and the Africa countries begin to be independent. However, the fact is Africa became a new colony by the former Soviet Union.

Africa 3.0 (Africa of the 21st century)

…This is the age when Africa aim for better development of Africa without imitating developed countries and try to build a win-win relationship with industrialized countries. It is exactly the age of goal when discussing Africa today.

Africa 4.0 (Future Africa)

…This is the new version of Africa proposed at the World Economic Forum Africa Association in May 2017. Fhysical and psychological distances are disappearing revolutionarily due to the development of ICT. There is not only the two-dimensional relationship between Africa and developed countries, but also various layers such as consider the new form as “Africa 4.0”.